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A court of Thorns and Roses: Trilogy - review

books by Sarah J Maas

time spent reading: 05.22.2021 - 06.01.2021 11 days

⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/5)

warning: this is one of my only reviews that has a bit of a spoiler, but if you know the basic plot of this trilogy you probably already know who the Love interest is...

Acotar is the face of 2020 book-tok, everyone in gen-z who is in love with fantasy romance stories (and smut... you freaks) has read this series. And as one of those people, I can tell you exactly how I felt while reading it...

During the first book, Sarah J. Maas Makes a great job describing the well known faeries, and we are met with a sorta good romance between Feyra and Tamlin. I think I speak for most people when I say that the best part about this book was the thrilling and adventures challenges Feyra has to deal with at the end. Not only is it full of action parts and adrenaline, but also a lot of unexpected plot-twists. The major one being the fact that the character development made for Tamlin on the first book is completely thrown away when Maas introduces Rhysand. Which, lets be honest, is waaaay better.

By the second book I was no longer reading it for the action parts, only for the romance... Which did not disappoint (most of the time), it is the typical bad guy that is not actually bad, just misunderstood trope.

Since all the books are told from Feyra's 1st person pov, the secrets the other characters keep from Feyra are also kept from the reader as well. Like how the fuck did the first book turned from "poor human Feyra" to "Feyra you are our only hope" jeez.

Me being the sucker I am for slow-burning romance as well as the "only one bed" trope, made the second book my favorite out of the three. The reason book number three is the worst (in my opinion), is because, as I've sad, I like slow burning (beggining) of relationships, and by the third one they have been together for a little while so it does get CLINGY and I HATE CLINGY. sorry I yelled.

Battles and tense moments are present, yes. Sarah J. Maas is a very good with plot changes and all, but girl... The Novella is almost not even worth reading, it's like a post credit scene except there's no movie being released afterwards. No plot, no romance. Just sad Feyra figuring out where she wants to paint, and her sister being a bit of a bitch.

Overall very worth it, this whole saga was a TRIP.

I'll update when I read silver flames. I already have the book, but I need a break from faerie smut.

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