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Bully: The Fall Away series book 1 - review

By Penelope Douglas

time spent reading: 08.04.2021 - 1 day

⭐️⭐️ (2/5)

I have almost nothing to say about this one. ALMOST.

While it wasn't an incredible and life changing reading, it was not bad at all. And I recommend it, especially to people who like easy books with not so confusing plots, that you can read in a day or so.

The story is a typical "Friends to Enemies to Lovers" trope. Where Tate and Jared were best friends as kids and out of nowhere, Jared get's this extreme hatred towards Tate, completely humiliating and bullying her which basically forces her to leave the town for a year. The story takes place right after the time she took to get away from him and i'm not gonna say what it is but the resoning behind the way he bullied her through high school is just... I cried.

It's a very intriguing book from beginning to end and its also fast paced. So it's basically a Saturday (day off, super chill) book.

One thing I would not advise, is going into this with high expectations. You can't finish a Veronica Roth, best-selling series and come reading this expecting something similar. This one is to keep for the times you just need that cliche plot, or just have a day to enjoy a book because school starts tomorrow.

What else can I say except that this book is a typical Penelope Douglas novel? Maybe I can't and this is it. But I just need to point out that Jared's childhood abuse story made me cry.I cried a lot doing this by the way, I got carried away. Shhhhh please don't tell anyone I actually cry reading romance novels...

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