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Corrupt: Devils night book 1 - Review

by Penelope Douglas

Time spent reading: 07.01.2021 - 07.05 2021 5 days

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4/5)

Devil's night is a brilliant, well known series by Penelope Douglas. I would like to take a few lines to say how much I LOVE Penelope's books and I've read a lot of romances and hers are the ones I look forward to the most, so definitely check her out.

Anyways, this first book was unforgettable. Firstly, I can't get enough of the "I'm only me when I'm with you"trope, and I've noticed that Douglas seems to be the master of it, as well as the "enemies to lovers" one. Secondly, the friendships in this are just immaculate, also very crazy, but it made me crave something like the four guys have.

Basically, every Halloween, the four horsemen go around trashing houses, leaving messages and throwing parties. They're basically high school legends. The romance is between Rika, a girl in search of her freedom and Michael ,one of the 4 horsemen also known as her boyfriend's older brother...

One thing that made me love this book, was the fact that Rika is just so relatable. Plus, everyone wants the ultimate bad boy like Michael, the guy no one can get. No one except her, of course.

The rest of the series are each told from the other guys' pop, with different love interest as well. I haven't read those yet, but i'll be coming back to write more about each one as I go through it.

Also, bonus points for the plot, that's actually so good and makes sense, unlike some books I've read recently... On one side, the plot is basically the fact that they want revenge on her, but it's one hell of a story, with perspectives from both of the protagonists and the others as well.

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