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Credence - review

By Penelope Douglas

Time spent reading: 08.18.2021 - 08.21.2021 3 days

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4/5)

For those of you who haven't read Credence, well... Let me try to explain it to you. Tiernan's parents weren't the best. They were famous and rich, so she lived a very wealthy life, but they were also so madly in love with each other that they didn't have time to even LOOK at their daughter. The story takes place right after their death, which i will not tell how it happened because, you know, spoilers. Basically she's an orphan now and moves in with a distant Uncle, that she never new about. He has 2 sons and they live on top of a mountain with a very different life than what Tiernan was used to.

The love interest are the three of them. You heard me right, the THREE, the Uncle and both of his sons. But there is a twist. She has to choose one...

I may not like what the plot is actually about, but what did it for me was that Credence is for sure one of the best written romance novels I've ever read. It is SO detailed, full of emotion and drama. Filled with lots and lots of tense moments, which I love. Of course, as i have said before, i am biased when it comes to Penelope's books, but what can I say? they are just that good.

The backstory of Tiernan is extremely sad, as well as the story of the other guys esbecially the brothers Noah and Kaleb. I believe i cried a few times with this one, it was actually really overwhelming how much I was obsessed with the story.

One thing i love about it, is their dynamic as a family. I have grown up with siblings so i know exactly the feeling of having the house always full and that's what i got from this, they always have something to do together.

I am not crazy about Uncle Jake and Tiernan, she is kinda spoiled some times and he is just too bossy. But Noah and Kaleb will always have my heart.

I wouldn't define it in any especific trope. Let's just say that, if you want a very well written romance story, this is it. This is your book to read.

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