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Crescent city: House of earth and blood - review

by Sarah J. Maas

time spent reading: 05.15.2021 - 05.16.2021 2 days

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

How am I to begin the wonder that is this book?

Let's start by admiring Sarah J. Maas' for writing such a complete and detailed romance story. Crescent city is the first of a new ongoing series. It contains not only an expanded, slow burning romance, but also a perfect mystery story behind it, full of plot twists and revelations no one would ever expect.

It tells the story of Bryce, a girl who lost her best friend. A long time after the murder, they discover they blamed the wrong person for the committed crime, and Bryce is summoned to work toguether with Hawk, this extremely powerfull guy to discover who was the true killer.

This was the first book i read that was related to the faerie world and that side of fantasy, so i got a little confused at first. But after like, 10 pages, te story is intriguing and keeps a good pace till the end.

Bryce Quinlan is my favorite character ever portraied (yet). Her brilliant mind and the way she just let's everyone think she's this dumb red headed girl when in reality it's a trick to fool the actual cumb ones. She has a fierst personally and compasion, she's also not boring like most "heroes" because she is too relatable and normal, as well as badass, but not impossible to beat. On the other hand with superman we already know he's got the win, but bryce is a brand new character... Do i make sense? Probably not.

One thing i noticed on this, was that some friendships have some toxic aspects, but aside from that, her relations are so interesting, not only with hawk but her brother's friends as well as other friendships.

The interactions with Hawk were the best part of the book obviously.

But aside from that, this books had every page holding my attention. With no dialogues that make you want to sleep or get bored. RECCOMEND A LOT

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