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Den of Vipers - review

by K. A. Knight

time spent reading: 07.18.2021 - 07.22.2021 5 days

⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/5)

Ok, this book was the definition of, "you might not want to read it, but if you do you might also enjoy it". I am actually so glad this is a standalone. I think it would get REALLY tyiring to read more of this plot. But personally, I sort of liked it.

It has a very weird begging though... The story is basically a group of four guys who own the city, like a modern mafia. Its starts when they are asking this guy, who's in dept with them, for payment. They are basically forcing him, to give the money he doesn't even have. But then, he sells his daughter, since he never talks to her anyway... You heard it right, his DAUGHTER. Like WHAT?

The problem is, Roxy lives her own life alone, she hates her father, and she is also a very angry person, who most people she meets are afraid of her.

It is obviously a kinky book. But I have to admit that, personally, I didn't get weirded out. I think of it as an experience, reading about crazy people who wants to kill and love each other at the same time, yes, I can say it was an EXPERIENCE.

Reading this book was a ride, it was written basically for the romance, because I'm gonna be honest I didn't even remember what the actual plot of the book was, so I had to read the book AGAIN to write this review. But I sure can tell you ALL about the romance. And I will... In a second.

You may be asking: "So Alice, why does this have such a high rating since you said that there is basically no plot?". The characters. The development of each one was what kept me from running away and throwing that book in the trash. Let me tell you all about it now. The polyamorous relationship is between, Roxy and those guys I told you about, Kenzo, Diesel, Ryder and Garrett.

Kenzo and Diesel are my favorites out of the boys. Kenzo is the super-smart, owner of casinos, never looses, type of guy. He always has a dice in hand for some reason, and is the most caring of them all. Diesel is the crazy one who wants to kill everything and everyone, he loves pain and torture and his past is very tragic. The past of all of them are. Yes it might sound crazy but these two kept the story entertaining.

Ryder is the leader, he is Kenzo's brother by blood, but they all consider themselves a family. He runs everything, and outsiders think he is the only head-master so that he protects his brothers and only actually puts a target on his face. He reminds me A LOT of Thomas Shelby, from the show "Peaky Blinders".

The other guy, the one i hated the most, but now that I read it again, he is not actually that bad, is Garrett, he is like "the muscle" of the group. The strong, big guy who intimidates everyone. They all like to kill, but Garrett is the type to go to underground fights and get in the ring just to feel something. He is the one who has suffered the most trauma and Roxy goes through a lot to get him to open up about his life to her.

The more i read this, the more i like these guys, but the more i read it the less i like roxy as the main character. She is written as a "pick me girl" sometimes, that might not even cross your mind if you read it, but i thought about it too much and now I can't unsee it.

Concluding my thoughts, read this when you have nothing else to read and A LOT of free time in hands because this book, well... it's kind of a thick one.

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