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Legacy of the nine Realms series - Review

by Amelia Huchins

The spent reading: 06.24.2021 - 06.29.2021 6 days

⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/5)

This plot is confusing, but i'll begin with just a quick resume.

Aria is from a line of hecate witches. She has a lot of sisters. A long time ago they left their home town and now they are coming back, but there is a new guy who took power there, that's Knox. He is very powerfull and DESPIZES hecate witches because of his troubled pass with them. Hes atracted to aria, but keeps denying it and can't seem to move on, poor baby hold grudges.

Now, this series developed so much and evolved a lot throughout the books. The first one, honestly, it looks like it was written in a rush, the story is confusing, but I am a SUCKER for enemies who can't deny the obvious attraction they have towards each other. And while, yes, it looks like 2010 tumbler fan-fiction, the romance is good as hell, I promise. And even while it looks like it was made in a rush, its what makes it fast paced.

By the second book Amelia steps up the game. She makes a good job with the plot and introduces a lot about the realms that exist in this fantasy world. Also, introducing a bit more about aria's blood line which gets very interesting.

The only thing is, book number 3 finishes LIKE HELL and i know thats how its supposed to be, so we want to read the fourth, but if i could i would sell my house for a copy of it right now.

Anyway, as I've said, the way it's written is not the best in the beginning, but I can't deny that this was the strongest and one of the best, most persistent "Enemies to Lovers" trope ever, with a very entertaining plot.

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