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Punk 57 - review

By Penelope Douglas

time spent reading: 08.05.2021 - 08.06.2021 2 days

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

By far Penelope's best book yet. This plot was maybe the best plot I've read so far.

Two teenagers who have been exchanging letters since kids, discover they are basically soulmates but swear never to search for each other in real life. Until Misha finds out who she is, and let's just say that things didn't go so well... Not at first.

Besides the amazing romance, the side-plots are so good! The suspense killed me and the way Ryen struggles with being herself in front of others made this 10 times more personal. As well as how she keeps some of her secrets from us readers, makes it more mysterious and shows us how much of an introvert she actually is. Even if she seems the other way in front of everybody. Not gonna lie, very relatable.

There is a perfect amount of HATE and LOVE in this amazing relationship. Yes they get clingy by the end, but the plot is so consistent that you don't even notice, because you're reading romantic acts and when you turn the page... BOOM, plot twist.

This book is the type where it's almost bizarre how much both characters belong with each other. It's not that they are exactly a like, it's more like they have come to like each other's company because they have suffered the same traumas.

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