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The Mistake: Off campus book 2 - review

by Elle Kennedy

Time spent reading: 09.04.2021 - 08.09.2021 5 days

⭐️⭐️ (2/5)

Second book of Elle Kennedy's most famous series. For a quick recap, this is the love story of Logan and Grace. Logan is one of the guys on the hockey team and the best friend of Garret (boy from book 1). The story is about a totally unexpected encounter between the two characters, even thought they just met, they end up watching a movie and kissing... weird. But for Logan this is normal, since he's an absolute player who hooks up with every girl on campus, but Grace can't relate because she doesn't go out handing kisses to everybody.

Wish I could say that book 2 was better than book 1... but no can do. This one is good don't get me wrong, I absolutely love when the guy falls for her first and has to fight for it. But the almost 4 months time skip is extremely boring.

Bonus point for the begging tho, they're first time hanging out is literally on the 3rd chapter-ish, so you pick up the pace real quick. It was just the middle and very ending that just weren't really that interesting.

Logan is that really nice guy who happens to be popular and honestly, I love this man, he matches perfectly with with grace who is a fierce and down to earth person. She does irritate me some times, but I am kinda neutral about her, she's not boring, but not outstanding.

As much as I say this was worst than the first one, it does not mean it's bad at all. I had a lot of fun and time went very quick while I read it. But maybe that's because I was so exited for book 3 that I almost could say I skipped through the pages of this one.

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