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The Plated Prisoner series - Review

By Raven Kennedy

⭐️⭐️⭐ (3/5)

Gild, Glint, Gleam and Glow. This are the four books that make this series. They tell the story of Auren, a Golden girl (literally, because her skin is made of shiny, very real gold). Auren is encaged by king Midas, who says he is trying to keep her safe from the monstrous world they live in.

Because of an accident, the girl falls in the hands of the enemy, the right hand man to the most feared and powerful king of all time. But she learns she enjoyed the little freedom she gets to experience and that maybe the enemy's side is not actually the bad side, since they aren't keeping her encaged like he is.

This book is a retelling of the well-known "myth of King Midas", the golden king, richest of them all. But what if he was actually just a facade? A weak ass man with very toxic masculinity and not so strong as people are told.

This story was not my favorite fantasy romance by all means and didn't even get close to that. But I enjoyed it. Please keep in mind that Auren's past is very worthy of a "Trigger Warning", but the book itself has a very normal plot and it's honestly kinda addicting to read. It's not my favorite because of the over exaggerated drama. I do not like the female main character, but I do LOVE the male love interest and his team, they are literally one of the best group of friends ever portrayed in all of the books I've read so far. They are never afraid to question the authority and they all came from different places and learned to work together, becoming more of a family then an actual team.

Recommend this if you want something to get your mind of things. Not if you're looking to read the GREATEST book of all time, but a story that is easy to get your attention and doesn't have a confusing plot at all.

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