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The score: Off campus book 3 - review

by Elle Kennedy

Time spent reading: 09.10.2021 - 09.12.2021 3 days

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4/5)

I have a lot to say about this one, so let's get quickly through the summary. Dean, the Player of all players, not just in hockey, has never slept with the same girl twice. It all begins when he's alone in the house with a pretty girl named Allie, one thing leads to another and the next thing he knows is that he wants it again, but that isn't exactly what she wants. Her wish is to forget anything ever happened, because sleeping with the best friend of her friend's boyfriend sounds like a bad idea. Until they realize they can't get enough of each other.

With a lot more actual plot, this book blew my mind. It has everything to do with the "Can't get her out of my head" trope, and I LOVE it. Dean Dilaurentis is by far my favorite out of the boys on the team. Yes, he has trauma of relationships, but when the amazing Allie catches his eye, he won't want to let her go... So greedy.

I went through a lot during this, by the end my heart was beating so fast I had to take a few minutes to process what I had just read, I am not mad about it. On the other hand, one thing I am mad about is that there is so much more hockey stuff in this one and I do not, by any means, understand a thing about it. The games and rules are very complicated and in my opinion, this stuff took a lot of page space, where there could have been MORE of dean begging Allie to sleep with him again.

Elle Kennedy made this book a lot more through Dean's perspective, which I honestly prefer, because we don't get much of Allie's hobbies and ex-boyfriend drama.

What made me love this one so much and what makes me think that you will love it as well is that it is not an ordinary story. A lot of books I've read lately include: family trauma, the girl being too nerdy or too shy, the characters meeting at an odd and very "staged" way. But this has non of that, both of them already new each other and while, yes, it has drama it does not include does traumas forced into the story where authors almost want to make of them, a "trend".

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