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The Shadows Between Us - review

by Tricia Levenseller

time spent reading: 05.20.2021 - 1 day

⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/5)

This book was the quickest reading I've ever had yet. In a total of 9 hours I finished this romance, standalone... and being completely honest, it was a great time. The story is about Alessandra, a girl who's as cold as ice and a King who's also, funny enough, as cold as ice. No one can ever catch the king's attention. But Alessandra has a plan: To marry the king and kill him, becoming more powerful than ever.

The story was Captivating from the beginning and very straight to the point, with little/almost no side plot, making it extremely hard to stop reading it in the middleOur main character is smart and fierce (also problematic and cold, as i've said, but i love her) And this book is great... exept, in the end I got mad, very mad but we'll talk about that later. The romance between her and the king is what every villan wish they had, they are so alike snd have so much of the same disturbing, isane, egoistical thoughts that it's scary.

My only reason for giving this book a 3 out of 5 was the end. While it did get me to the edge of my seat, it also just, argh. Yes, it ended the way I hoped it would but the way it got there was like reading a shitty fanfiction on wattpad. The whole plot looks like a fanfiction to be honest, but from beggining to middle-ish is like an award winning one.

But this really was a good time, and i reccomend a lot, expecially for people who are from Slytherin house... I think you get what I mean.

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