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The Spanish Love Deception - review

by Elena Armas

Time spent reading: 09.20.2021 - 09.22.2021- 3 days

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4/5)

Usually I wait at least a day after finishing a book to write a review, but not this time. I'm not even joking when I say that I just finished this book, like this exact minute. It was a cliche yet amazing romance novel and it was full of surprises.

The summary will be quick, because there is so much to this story, I wouldn't be able to fit in a page, but it is basically an office romance, where two co-workers don't like each other very much. But when Aaron introduces a striking deal to Catalina that she can't refuse (not really), they end up having to tolerate each other, which ends up in... you know.

We begin introduced to the two main characters, Catalina being a sweet, likable person (but also full of family drama) and Aaron as this robot, workaholic, but also hot, very damn hot male. What blew my mind was the character development for sure, throughout the book he literally went from "kinda ok" to absolutely perfect! Yes, it is him who falls in love first, in fact since the beginning of the book, it's obvious he's been in love for long before she noticed him as something else other than a colleague. Its infuriating how blind Catalina has to be to not notice how 'all over her' he was.

This was one of the only books I did not get grossed out by how clingy they where and I usually do. Aaron and Lina are made for each other and during the story I wanted to tear my hair right out of my head because she would make stupid ass decisions and never realized that he liked her.

Overall, you should definitely read this, especially if you like slow burn romances like I do.

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