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Zodiac Academy series - Review

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

12 books total

Time spent reading: 20.07.2022 - 30.07.2022 - 10 days

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

Twin sisters who, so far, have been living a pretty normal life. Well, as normal as it gets for them. Their whole life, they've been moving from one household to another, since their parents died when they were very young and the troublesome girls can't fit in with normal families. Now they find themselves alone in the world, stealing for food and taking care of each other. Until one day, someone comes to them and says they are to serve a greater purpose.

Professor Orion, is a teacher at the Zodiac Academy, a school for those with elemental powers: Fire, Air, Water or Earth. The twins are dragged to the school and discover that their parents were not normies like they thought. As decendents of the late King and Queen of this new fantasy world, the girls find themselfs with not one, not two but all four powerful elementals on their hands, but having no idea how to control it.

Since the death of their parents, everyone presumed the twins were also dead, so four new Heirs to the throne have claimed their place at the school, they are to graduate before claiming the kingdom. As sons of the most powerful people in the world, Darius, Max, Seth and Caleb are basically the meangirls, and now they resent the twins for trying to reclaim the throne that is now "rightfully" theirs.

This series is BY FAR the best series i've ever read, I resent myself so much for reading it as fast as i did and not savouring these books more. The plot of the story goes beyond the conflict between the Heirs and the twins, they are to discover that there is a greater threat to the kingdom, and as the most powerful fae in the world, they must fight toguether and not fight eachother.

As much as i LOVE this with all of my LIFE, it was also the most frustrating books ever. Be prepared to reach the peak of your anxiety! Because this two authors won't give you a break. There was always something bad happening, no space to breath between lines and when they gave you such luxury, it almost never ended well. Also, there is no such thing as main character syndrome in this, everyone can die, everyone can suffer, even the most important people in the storyline. But also keep in mind, since it's a fantasy book, everyone can also come back, even the most arrogant, egoistical pricks of all time...

This series, has a lot to do with zodiac signs and astrology, which is why, at first, i did not want to read it. But I was surprised when i actually enjoyed it a lot, because it wasn't so overwhelming and everything they said about it made sense with the story.

Zodiac Academy, is my favorite series and i'll tell you why... I have never read a book with such detailed characters. I think there are about 20 main characters overall and as you read it, you learn about all of their past, present and future experiences. It is also so beautifully written. I could not read anything else for the next week or so, because nothing felt as good as Zodiac did.

Please read it, so I don't suffer alone while waiting for the next book.

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